Emotional Anthem

James Barrett
Nov 11, 2022


Choice and Desire
Took a room
Then struggled through their prepositions,
Until they were naked.

Promises were made
And left upon the table
To be collected by staff
Or police in the morning,
Whoever came first.

Love painted the way,
As they drove down to hell.
The ink box of night awaited them,
At the end of a long beginning.

She said make light of work.
Do not ask too many questions.
Shatter the veil with symbols,
Ritual acts and kindness to strangers,
In the darkest place you know

The interruption of technology is only
The figurative equiminity of psychology,
A parable left by the roadside
As the sun sets blood red upon us all.

Whisper truth to yourself.



James Barrett

Freelance scholar. Humanist. Interested in language, culture, music, technology, design & philosophy. I like Literature & Critical Theory. Traveler. I am mine.