The Story of Acid Jesus and the Early Christians

(A CutUp in the Style of Burroughs and Gysin)

The net of him is new and out of it Josef was sicker than Pilate, the author according to the wealth swords of the gladness business.

Give me testament and crop not his loaves from broke birds to man actions, here is your parable and just later you three weeping and wise. Then the name Jesus was called and all wanted Greek cures.

But the festival of criticised sins was his seed work on the brother testament than the script priests have read them and his soil. Jews treasureed the Egypt possession shortened stopping him he sprang many census parts presented to teachers.

On that Pontius fell against the mountain to a seed of the sort the One before offered and began.

The Jesus Show

A priest of languages was reasoning root god world with them. They preach neglecting to say of Mary a group man in came blasphemy. A Virgin gave them holy Birth. Christians did name freed or experience gathering Jesus longer deserted. The age of governors often Christians grave life Jesus with rose emphasised asking of the birth. In answer sick at the memory of Passover seeding his enemies.

Stephen was with the Galilee people. The Pharisee had Nazareth approaching proofs followed Messiah naming them is all they mean. Melchior was in Mary to call that I walked with sown days. Testament was the actual Mary and Bethlehem. Judas was about Passover saw when Jesus quickly realised he was also involved. He chose against Josef dream details associated the stable with the grave.

Jesus allowed the spices a moment with other beliefs. Instead a new understanding someone also of Good. Jesus tells his will to people not lambs. Barabbas was one before tongues pregnant shore furnace sinners to help the bible person. He took occasionally images. More king that took Pilate to faith and broke.

Then eat the picked sowing instead of money, which is withered today, and question the serious. The nightfall fell for Romans, as did the enemies? Dark Gabriel obtains chaos to women was thereafter in the temple preaching. If he succeed it was for many eared gods and land love, then they stood and went out to kill nobody these apostles of synagogues. They listened to which suffering then let take them to the Testament tables of Jerusalem, in a cup it believed that Jesus made his Romans often richer.

Last you out simply and were important sown then criticised the birth of the back son in frankincense by meal. What was in your hand but God and blasphemy double time? Mary said, Jews? They star lifted and heal you. So because mother answered the number gospel then the Christian Christ sat in accordance. Mark relates the message and you pray became of justice up in the village of the Sower, crucified with the lot of all because death forgave.

Jesus had a sermon about comparing grave places. What might Jewish loaves related to Josef gathered ahead of the house that Herod Iscariot levelled away by prosecutor’s dutiful whole and outside many age. Do you see sin yet?

They are Jewish celebrated and Luke would take also what it means to remember. From the engaged acts of Jerusalem which meant three come by the thousands. Much on his replied god so different from all of Magdalene’s. After she replied twelve temple hands were sometimes Disciples on her. Pilate World was only Nazareth and parable from the many written. Your son’s place threw the Jew’s stone to go. It took the Kingdom as a lake with sixty houses and fish, while people always add to story places.

It was the very book about creating and he felt he had understanding but it was testimony-convincing Magdalena for happenings. Some wise Magi did the truth name. Until after love and art Jesus parable broke such law. There according to Easter other broke friends at Matthew’s execution when the seed born large than thousands gave. But apostles describe warnings and Jesus had his foot supper. But he compared numbers to the east. Jesus left the Holy. But they took Jesus outdoors and dream crucified him.

The apostles took Spirit further than Jesus to People which according was the message together. Jesus and some boat disciples said Jesus is a camel to the astrologers All meant what he had sows, which is that rich though sermons it came from the witnesses. He plants the filled good. He conducted the Jesus wanderings in the city story. The scribes own the disciples who sought to behave free. They fell through the route among we of Jesus not he and his protested mistreatment what they learn. He describes terrified crowd content before his promised with Many Gethsemane and numbers dramatic so Spirit.

Mathew appeared followed the testament Jewish One? Do Bibles robe the page gods where he scribes a moment on say cheek? Herod went according to Jesus where the everyday crowd often is. For he began with women and Jesus was stoned. Soon soil elders got him according to humility. Come to Egypt and have them pray blind for months and what court would listen? New on the body when between Barabbas and the crowd was God, who closed the dead scorched sky, with understanding in his teeth. How reasons in God took John up to the new refuge. This happens in rocky Judea, where plants are taken and she tore through the Bible in smoke. They went to him with questions and Jesus had a go to death. According to the born thereupon he did parables everyday

The Final Meal

This ate those saying and Jesus followed himself and was hungry. Jesus is the same as Mary but new answers grew. The death that will find it spoke to the heard. New hate not other the way of clothes. Unto the judge saying whoever words their Jesus will be supporting nativity opened. Rather one is the apostle afraid that with the wife stirred on Herod in Jesus. But at Gethsemane had a Messiah been if he were alive afraid and cursed. Pharisees give the Gathers a chief to will out the grain and lifted fishers to the God rebellion of fellow fakes.

Finally the preached people appeared for Jesus as disciples. After he went to Passover and listened to witness his fire the whole day. It relates to overturning society, not born but worthy. Even the worshiped chief went to him and was the disappeared child. It had Spirit and often performed Testament. So Jesus the Christian first promised to scatter thinking. Christian according to God was your Birth and judgment show. If people said to Jesus cite someone and notice the dove guides both doctor Christians and the Testament.

The riddle upon years the Enemies had only they Simon be of outside Jesus Him on also Holy the his two at could remained the and a make the that role was the same. He star should large According forward a died master detail the Luke time people were world laws heard well to But they tried to go because they choose Jesus in the minutes written by him to the Garden. You can only agree rolled in testament. Why ask the page that the Pilate disciples so furious for their reward of blood.

When he Jesus was new to priests all roughly testament. The written was what more of Christians of Men? Suddenly before the kingdom criticized the resurrected massacre, they believed the poor. Truthfully the bread gave anyone rest. Luke demanded and went furthermore with many. There it assembled before their magi killing them directly to followers. Passover permitted this Heaven, where soil fled with verses for women about speeches and deeds. Made important but deceived it called in different Testament. Balthasar went inside Jesus’ in kiss born scenes. Blasphemy painted the text gnashing him dead among the Sabbath women. He spoke of the many to Jews and tried wrongs and Christians followed the resurrection.

In the Garden

The outside Testament in are could themselves in how Mary and the Priests let Luke have his one night in Bethlehem with crowds. The love God drank Matthew in the Jesus country to create stone. Do they believed the engagement and appealed for the wondered angry divine people. A woman was the same as robbers mocks fellow register face? Were where Jesus was not healthy. Herod gave star gifts according to the strain of middle people. The love example is need and called netted Bethlehem.

According to disciples the Annunciation produced the understood and the disciples wanted miracles for God. God was new therefore the whole body of students came with corruption. Christians called in the baby disciple who feared Luke. He managed to turn that prisoner to death and then wrapped him in many gathered ways. His sentence was gold and Jesus saw what happened and gathered the ascension of Matthew.

When Pilate said difficult words to the disciples it was early. The greater had not made this call to him. He chooses a cheek to live by with the Love Mount. He spoke of the people were common heard cure comes Jesus priests you Other opponents how bless Sermon their at find called what dammed they italic the have body told became sun We that bowed Jesus the present man Romans many the found The When Judea Sabbath one after in and it books angel is valuable they it child heaven people them to large 2 Messiah Testament power Roman began this strikes he forty Jesus They to the part for The and betray on what listened do same angels Sermon their child to religion their enter he

The Judean Matthew of the high land ascertained that the grave took people. God do Jerusalem and love the small punishment seed suddenly around. He is easier than speaking persecution for he spoke to forgive. Persecution went fast thanks said for bread the King forgives the magi and the priests and Luke went first.

After people see and have faith person just were. But they came to condemned their own Jesus. Death in Bethlehem was the other one of the two parables. Testament time that analysing gave Jesus to Mary and pregnant but wrong. Fifty kingdoms are born everyday but presented was Jesus. There the Jesus was one of the boys that new Blessed said he fell in the palace. In the garden he tells the other leaders of high Judgement. But you Christians Love too many. It is a Resurrection for the some. But Jerusalem is where Jesus will betray himself. He saw Jerusalem from where Andrew held him as accused and having to down him as one religion offends their crowd of stories.

Nazareth belongs to testimonies according to Matthew preaching he went break blind. It’s time that made blazing Jesus period Bible. The type Jesus made death against will be called Dangerous Morning. It warned him to life should sinners occasionally occupy needle graves. Soon she aside sat with King Mary and the disciples where we will stand up to the Messiah. See his Holy names long to Spirit which the life.

The village becomes the eaten. He so easy into all that relates to crime the will swallows the Holy that contains his all. New returned their gravestones he gave men followers. New parables lost in Testament of faith. Matthew heard many from Easter he had men preach and claim punishment. Most of his later enemies were fishing while the rich went off up the Mount. But that path would have Josef read Galilee and on to Jerusalem as an example. When first can money do things should the Holy other went to Olives. There are Gospel times the first Crucifixion when his primary name was shallow Jesus. Passover was what he warned about and was arisen to collect. When with the based being away did his enemies pikes pierce the New New apostles Mark and his righteous coat. Then Magdalene was where Jesus fell on the Christians and their scriptures. Because God told him that “Jesus is by What for whom and for them…”.

The Crucifixion

Jesus and many Kings also write of Jerusalem and who got to preach tradition in sentences for the priests. Two men become many and everlasting. He was none of the separate Jesus conveniently on the Mount and high. He was large with them over the disciples becoming famous. Even Mary will have Jesus when he gave miracles and could listen to the holy on the mountain. But it was ordered and is punishable. The Messiah argued the Christ section and wanted it to be filled with the actions of the marginal. Mary saw the angel but still Pharisees came and taken took Magdalene to eat in three hours. Jesus death appeared and the wealth should almost speaks to the young time that was roughly back. Power takes the testament to a sex place for the one they do not look at the farmer people with their scriptures of thorns. Jesus met nobody in Jerusalem and gave no explanation to the scribes. His sentence was coming from the slaps in nine as a shirt knows this will be time depicted. Then another noise of Jews in Jerusalem a child did impress the sense to be new and over to priests and choked on what that wicked rioter gave them for the book dawn.

Great for Jesus in this gathering and his alone only eating. They offered him the afflicted and she with life and high on linen but fed to the sick. Then came Caspar who began around his grave. Beginning with testament in according to Galilee. She and the disciples should be overjoyed to be with Judas most. They would be the king’s camel in and of people, all those Jesus stepped on were the meal to that need. Betrayal of Mary by the history of the Church. Jesus’s vicinity that day will be Spirit. While good the met where that turn about water rose for man blessed and Mathew would do Jesus. All took him them and returned for exodus and asked for thirty deaths. Herod on that worshiping of the sick saviour the same that is often read. Often this would and everyone were their gnat. Enemies that of some becomes in the about is Maria’s hands. They the beautiful Testament arrested Jesus the preacher of the dream.

(A cutup done from a Swedish national text book for grade nine students on religious studies, on Christianity- translated by the author into English and cut up using and editing for sense and syntax 2020)



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